20 Oct 2014

Ratuva to take NZ Pacific centre in new direction

12:15 pm on 20 October 2014

A Pacific studies academic appointed to lead one of New Zealand's most prominent Pacfic research centres says he plans to take the institute in a new direction.

Political sociologist Steven Ratuva has been named the new director of the Macmillan Brown Research Centre for Pacific Studies at the University of Canterbury.

Dr Ratuva says the role will be a big challenge as the centre has gone through some challenging times, including the Christchurch earthquakes.

However he says the centre has a lot of potential.

"It is a matter of putting in new innovation, new ideas, to make sure that it grows. For a number of years it has been one of the leading centres for Pacific studies and what I want to do is to try and give it a new boost of life so it maintains its reputation."

Steven Ratuva will take up his new position at the centre in January 2015.