18 Oct 2014

Samoa Education CEO upset with teachers leaving

11:01 am on 18 October 2014

The chief executive of Samoa's Ministry of Education, Sports and Culture is upset with the 25 teachers from Samoa who have migrated to teach.

Matafeo Falanaipupu Aiafi told Samoa TV1 the teachers have forgotten about the investment the Samoa government made in their education and put better salaries before service to their country.

Matafeo says only one teacher gave official notice of their departure having landed a job in American Samoa.

Other teachers have migrated to New Zealand.

The CEO says it's the prerogative of the teachers to seek better benefits especially salaries however he felt they have neglected their calling to serve Samoa.

He says he hopes the teachers hired by American Samoa remain there and do not return.

Matafeo says the ministry is trying to improve salaries for teachers in Samoa and is developing a position paper to be presented to the government for a 7 percent increase in teacher salaries.

He urged teachers to be patient while the ministry tries to push for improvements in their salaries.