17 Oct 2014

Pacific must prepare for possibility of Ebola, says WHO

7:45 pm on 17 October 2014

The World Health Organisation says the Pacific must do more to prepare for the possibility Ebola will reach the region.

The head of the WHO in Vanuatu, Jacob Kool, says small island countries with limited medical resources would have trouble containing the virus.

Dr Kool says the Pacific must train health professionals how to take care of an Ebola patient, and put better surveillance measures in place.

He says while some protective suits will soon arrive in parts of the Pacific, more supplies are needed.

"The challenge is mostly in the health system. If it is here, to be able to handle that. I think we can do a lot, if health workers just know very well how to protect themselves and how to manage patients, that would make a big difference, and it would really reduce the chance of this virus spreading further."

The head of WHO in Vanuatu, Jacob Kool.