15 Oct 2014

Fiji and Vanuatu saluted over fishing efforts

5:14 pm on 15 October 2014

Fiji and Vanuatu are among several countries which have been saluted by the European Commission for their efforts to tackle illegal fishing after being officially warned two years ago.

The European Commission has announced the termination of steps against Belize, Fiji, Panama, Togo and Vanuatu who all received a formal warning or yellow card in November 2012.

It says the countries have taken concrete measures to address shortcomings and shown commitment to complete structural reforms in order to address illegal fishing.

Among improvements are new laws and better monitoring, control and inspection.

The Commission says in contrast it has proposed banning imports to the European Union of fisheries products from Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka was also yellow-carded two years ago but the Commission says it has since failed to address shortcomings in its fisheries control system.

The Commission is expected to report on Papua New Guinea's progress by the end of the year after it received a formal warning in June.