13 Oct 2014

Brutal police attack in PNG sparks investigation

3:07 pm on 13 October 2014

Papua New Guinea's Deputy Police Commissioner says a brutal police attack on a university professor will only increase people's fear of the police.

Jim Andrews told the Post Courier newspaper he is very concerned about the incident, in which a University of PNG lecturer, Francis Essy, sustained lacerations and a suspected skull fracture allegedly at the hands of policemen in Port Moresby last Friday.

Three students were also hurt in the attack.

Mr Andrews says he has ordered the NCD Central Commander, Jerry Frank, to investigate and take appropriate action against those involved in the attack.

He also says the four victims should write statements and make a formal complaint with the Police Internal Affairs Directorate.

He says police records show 491 police personnel were served with Serious Disciplinary Orders and dismissed from service between 2007 and 2013.