7 Oct 2014

Guam Senator says public uninformed for marijuana vote

9:10 pm on 7 October 2014

A Guam senator says having the public vote on whether to legalise medical marijuana is problematic because of a lack of information.

Senator Dennis Rodriguez is one of the strongest opponents of the vote due to take place alongside the General Elections on November 4.

Sen. Rodriguez says he understands the compassionate reasonings of those for legalisation but he believes the science is still not fully conclusive about the drug's safety.

The Senator also says policy-makers should make the decision, not a possibly uninformed public.

The Guam Election Commission is distributing around 50,000 information pamplets in the lead up to the vote.

But Sen. Rodriguez says this is not enough.

"The information pamplet that's being ciruclated limits the arguments to about 500 words per opposition or as a proponent as this measure. I think, sending it out to the public is really not enough for something as important as this issue."

Senator Dennis Rodriguez