7 Oct 2014

State of emergency remains in CNMI

2:48 pm on 7 October 2014

A state of emergency remains in place in the Northern Marianas after Typhoon Vongfong closely passed the Commonwealth.

Our correspondent says while the CNMI was lucky to have escaped a direct hit from the typhoon over the weekend, there were still reports of damage.

Mark Rabago says the island of Rota bared the brunt of the storm.

"Reports from the island said that the typhoon hit around in the afternoon and there was a house made of tin and wood and it was blown away, three Bangladeshi nationals apparently were living in that house and they were evacuated after the house was blown away and along with 19 other people took refugee at an Aging centre on the island, so 22 people in all were evacuated."

Mark Rabago says Saipan and Tinian also had similar experiences as Vongfong toppled banana stalks and small trees and triggered water and power outages.

No one was reported injured.

The Northern Marianas Governor, who gave the all clear on Monday, has continued to urge residents to be cautious, as emergency crews still assess damages as a result of wind gusts and rain.