1 Oct 2014

Allegations of rape in Nauru camp

10:18 am on 1 October 2014

Asylum seekers have made allegations of sexual abuse of women and children and threats of rape by guards working in the Australia detention centre on Nauru.

One female detainee has detailed her claims to Fairfax Media and Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young, including threats that she would be raped if her refugee status was recognised and she was released into the Nauruan community.

She also said female asylum seekers were told by guards they must expose their bodies in order to be allowed to shower for longer than two minutes.

Allegations of guards offering illicit drugs, including marijuana, in return for sex from asylum seekers, have also been made.

Senator Hanson-Young has written to the Immigration Minister Scott Morrison asking for an independent investigation into the allegations.

Senator Sarah Hanson-Young

Senator Sarah Hanson-Young Photo: AFP

She said the Australian government is actively and intentionally destroying women and children on Nauru.

A spokeswoman for Mr Morrison says the matter has been referred to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports the allegations come as protests and acts of self-harm continue in the centre over the decision to offer people on Christmas Island temporary protection and work rights in Australia, but not the 1,233 asylum seekers being held in Nauru.

Transfield Services, which was awarded a A$1.22 billion contract this year to manage Australia's offshore processing centres in Nauru and Manus Island in Papua New Guinea, also subcontracts security to Wilson Security on Nauru.

A spokesman declined to comment on the allegations saying the matter would be deferred to the minister's office.