30 Sep 2014

Real Tonga appalled at Government treatment

4:10 pm on 30 September 2014

The owner of Real Tonga Airlines says it is irresponsible of the Tonga Government to revoke its operating licences without notifying them.

]Tevita Palu says the reports mean the Government is now in breach of its contract with Real Tonga.

It is the latest development that has seen the New Zealand Government discourage people from flying in one of the airline's planes because it was not properly certified.

New Zealand has also withheld aid support for Tonga's tourism industry.

Mr Palu says he was also shocked at reports the Government has plans to bring in a New Zealand operator to take over the services.

That's so shocking to us that Tonga Government are considering bringing in a foreign operator to take over this air service for Tonga after all the promises and the effort we put together to serve Tonga's domestic air services. I'm very very disappointed to find out this way.

Tevita Palu says he has not received any formal notice from the Government despite several requests for clarification.