29 Sep 2014

Vanuatu MP urges govt to consider nickel plant

5:16 pm on 29 September 2014

A Vanuatu opposition MP from Sanma province says a plan for a major nickel development on Santo is worth considering.

A joint venture was signed recently between New Caledonia's MKM company and China's Jin Pei plans to build a one-billion US dollar nickel plant.

A group of Santo landowners has reportedly given their approval.

However the plan is yet to be formally considered by the government although elements of it are in support.

A Santo MP, Marcellino Pipite, says the government must look into any development option that could provide more funds to maintain services and a source of income for the people.

Santo, Vanuatu

Santo, Vanuatu Photo: RNZ / Johnny Blades

"It's worth looking at. Let's do it. let's find a way out. I'm not in the government. I'm in the opposition. But in the Council of Ministers, they have to think very carefully because if someone in the Council of Ministers stop it, then can you suggest an alternative how to find money?"

Marcellino Pipite