29 Sep 2014

Refugees to march on Nauru

3:46 pm on 29 September 2014

More than 100 refugees are expected to take part in a protest march to the Australian High Commission office in Nauru this afternoon.

Ian Rintoul from the Refugee Action Coalition says police and protesters negotiated the march after clashes between them last week.

It comes after four days of protests and a series of self-harm incidents.

Mr Rintoul says at least five asylum-seekers have sewn their lips together and some have gone without food for three days.

He says initial protests were triggered by Cambodia's decision to accept refugees in return for foreign aid as well as the announcement that Australia intends to re-introduce temporary protection visas.

Mr Rintoul says today's march will be a milestone in terms of political protests.

Protest at Nauru family residential compound - 27 September, 2014.

Protest at Nauru family residential compound - 27 September, 2014. Photo: Supplied

"The Australian government, who has responsibility for them, is leaving them in limbo on Nauru. Well, it's not the Nauru government's responsibility. Even the Memorandum of Agreement said that they wouldn't be resettled in Nauru so I think it's a very poignant way in which the protest will be taken, the problems will be taken straight to the door of the Australian Commission."