25 Sep 2014

CNMI power company wrangle continues

3:52 pm on 25 September 2014

The Northern Marianas utilities agency is looking at how it can lift an order stopping it from disconnecting power to the territory's only hospital.

The Marianas Variety reports that if no payment is received by the end of the month, the Commonwealth Utilities Corporation will look at disconnection.

In May, a judge issued a temporary restraining order preventing the CUC from disconnecting the Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation's services, saying the hospital would suffer immediate and irreparable harm if that happened.

However the company's board says that order is contingent on the hospital remaining current on its payments.

CUC says the hospital owes about 12 million US dollars.

The board says the hospital has seven days to pay what it owes or they will go back to court and ask that the order be lifted.