24 Sep 2014

Sport: Samoa coach says NRL clubs are blocking players from internationals

11:37 am on 24 September 2014

Toa Samoa rugby league coach Matt Parish says NRL clubs are continuing to stand in the way of players who want to play for their country, and something needs to be done.

The New South Wales assistant coach says every player he has spoken to wants to play in the upcoming Four Nations but a handful of NRL clubs continue to make things difficult.

"The clubs are very selfish at times and they stand in their way. What they don't realise also is these guys playing in the better competitions make them better players. [Anthony] Milford came back from the World Cup last year brimming with confidence because he played really well for Samoa against the worlds best. We are having trouble with clubs releasing them. I don't think it's very right and I'm hoping that the NRL will step in and assist us in that. It's something that I've discussed on numerous occasions, particularly in the last couple of weeks, with the heads of the NRL. They need to get the clubs to support it otherwise we may as well just have three teams in the world."

Matt Parish says he's still hopeful Anthony Milford will be free to play for Samoa's Four Nations team, saying the 20 year old is keen to play.

The Brisbane Broncos-bound fullback did not play in the victory over Fiji in May, after being told to turn out for the Maroons Under 20s team instead.

He was picked in the full Queensland squad for Origin Two but did not play and has been named in the Kangaroos train-on squad.