23 Sep 2014

Fiji to host International Week of the Deaf event

8:25 pm on 23 September 2014

Fiji's only deaf association will be hosting the first community event of its kind in support of the International Week of the Deaf running this week.

This Friday, deaf people from all over Fiji are invited to attend a gathering where they can share experiences of their disability and strengthen ties within the community.

Deaf youth advocate Krishneer Sen and the president of Fiji's deaf association Leona Tamainai, speaking through a sign language interpreter, explained they are excited about the event.

They say one of the major challenges they face in Fiji is the communication barrier.

There's a big lack of sign language interpreters in Fiji as well as advanced communication technology for the deaf. And for the government to recognise the deaf community as a minority group. So our language is sign language and that is an authentic language, unique in its own way.

Interpreter Gael Seru, interpreting on behalf of Krishneer Sen and Leona Tamainai