23 Sep 2014

Deaf people in Samoa campaign for recognition of rights and needs

1:51 pm on 23 September 2014

A campaign to raise awareness for deaf people in Samoa will take place in local cafes on Wednesday morning.

The Sip and Sign morning tea is part of the SENESE organisation's programme to support the 2014 international week of the deaf running this week.

SENESE supports people with disabilities and has been fighting for the needs of deaf people in Samoa.

A blind senior officer of the SENESE, Faaolo Utumapu, says locals are encouraged to use sign language to order their food or drink and interpreter stations will be based at every cafe to help out.

"We hope for the public to realise that people who are deaf have just as much right to be included. And their language should be recognised in every day society, as everyone else."

A share of the profits will be donated to deaf services in Samoa.