22 Sep 2014

Defence Force helps save lives in fatal PNG air crash

3:42 pm on 22 September 2014

Papua New Guinea and New Zealand Defence Force personnel are being credited for preventing more lives being lost after a fatal air crash outside of Port Moresby.

Three Papua New Guineans and an Australian died after their light plane crashed in foggy weather on Mt Lawes on Saturday.

The Central Province Police Commander Asi Laimo was on the scene a couple hours after the incident.

Chief Inspector Laimo says military personnel were already there as they were doing exercises in the area.

"They heard the big bang. There was a loud noise, crash, a big bang and then they contacted our national aviation here at the Port Moresby Jackson Airport and then they were informed that it was actually a crash. They got there and located the area where the accident occurred.

Chief Inspector Laimo says five other passengers were fortunate to survive the crash.