22 Sep 2014

Guam police man arrested over rape allegations

8:43 am on 22 September 2014

A Guam police officer has been arrested on allegations of raping a woman he suspected of being a prostitute.

Paul John Santos is being held on a 500,000 US dollars cash bail.

The Chief of Police has vowed to leave no stone unturned in an internal investigation to determine if Santos acted alone.

The Attorney-General Leonardo Rapadas says the behaviour seems to be an aberration as, for the most part, local police act professionally.

Mr Rapadas says Santos faces a number of charges.

"The charges are criminal sexual conduct, so that's what most people know as rape; official misconduct, because the allegation is that he is was not in his district as a patrol officer and he wasn't on any kind of assignment when he did this and was in uniform and was in his patrol vehicle. He's also charged with abetting prostitution."

If found guilty, the maximum sentence for official misconduct and abetting prostitution is one year. The maximum sentence for criminal misconduct is life imprisonment.