22 Sep 2014

Australia hails asylum policy a success

5:47 am on 22 September 2014

A year after Australia instigated its controversial asylum seeker policies immigation minister Scott Morrison is hailing the operation a success.

Mr Morrison says there has been only one unauthorised ship to reach Australia in the past nine months, compared to around 800 boats in the previous five years.

He says 12 boats had been turned back at sea and 45 stopped before they set sail.

However, the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre campaign co-ordinator, Pamela Curr, says the ends cannot justify the means.

She says you have to consider collateral damage - the human cost on asylum seekers detained - before declaring it a success.

"There are people falling apart in the camps both physically and mentally. There are children as young as 12 and 10 cutting themselves and attempting suicide. It is very hard to claim success when you have such a human cost."

The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre campaign co-ordinator Pamela Curr.