19 Sep 2014

Subsidies help boat owners in American Samoa

10:55 am on 19 September 2014

The Pago Alia Fisheries Association in American Samoa says the subsidies owners are receiving from the Department of Marine and Wildlife Resources have been a tremendous help in reviving the alia numbers.

There are now 30 locally owned alia of which 16 are members of the Association.

Its president, Vaamua Henry Sesepasara, says the subsidies are helping fishermen with fuel and safety equipment as required by the US Coast Guard.

Vaamua says never before has the local government put any funding to develop the small alia boats and they are grateful for the help.

He says their association was formed to be a voice for local boat owners and they've already presented a united stand against the proposal to allow longliners to fish in the 80 kilometre closure area.

They are also against President Barak Obama's plan to expand the Pacific Remote islands monument.