11 Sep 2014

Fiji's PM rules out 2000 riot repeat

10:47 am on 11 September 2014

Prime Minister and Fiji First Party leader Frank Bainimarama has spoken out against threats based on ethnic and religious intolerance.

Rear Admiral Bainimarama says the riots and looting of the 2000 coup will not happen on his watch.

He says he promises that every Fijian living under his government will be able to go about their daily lives in peace.

He also he added he will not tolerate any climate of intimidation and fear.

FBC news report he made the comments at the launch of the Grand Fijian, a multi-billion dollar Apartment Development.

Mr Bainimarama also told the business community, he will do everything required to keep the peace, and Suva will not be allowed to burn as it did in 2000.

Fiji riots 2000

Fiji riots 2000 Photo: AFP