10 Sep 2014

Rasmussen continues fight for Cooks seat

8:31 pm on 10 September 2014

The leader of the opposition Cook Islands Democratic Party says it's highly likely he will appeal against a High Court decision, which confirmed his loss of the Penrhyn seat in the election in July.

Wilkie Rasmussen says the Chief Justice rejected the Democratic Party's petition seeking to strike out 19 voters who were Australian residents but qualified to vote in the Cook Islands.

He says if the decision stands, the seat will be held by Willie John of the Cook Islands Party.

As several petitions are yet to be decided, Mr Rasmussen says he is still hopeful he may be able to form a coalition government.

"I need to discuss this with my lawyers and with the Party itself, so we will do that in the next couple of days. But there is a high likelihood that we will appeal the decision".

The leader of the Cook Islands Democratic Party, Wilkie Rasmussen.