10 Sep 2014

CNMI pozzolan mine assures no environmental concerns

7:22 am on 10 September 2014

The company that will launch the first Pozzolan mine in the Pacific says it's environmental impact will be minimal in the Northern Marianas.

JG Sablan Rock Quarry has been awarded a 20 year permit to mine on Pagan Island after more than 8 years of trying to get the project off the ground.

Company director John Sablan says he now has to upgrade various permits including those related to fish and wildlife before work begins within a year.

Mr Sablan says he doesn't see any problem with moving ahead and there should be no environmental concerns.

"It won't be that much of an impact on the environment because where the deposits of Pozzolan has no trees there so we just need to build the road the right way and slow erosion. We're gonna have a development plan in place six months from now."

Mr Sablan says the company will also mine basalt on Pagan.