9 Sep 2014

Call for more information for Fiji voters

1:41 pm on 9 September 2014

Transparency International Fiji says there needs to be more instruction for voters in the last days before next week's election.

The chairman of TI Fiji, Api Tudreu, says understanding the electoral process is vital and the people also need to know more about the candidates to ensure they can make informed choices.

He says they need to weigh the merits of 248 candidates but many voters do not know the backgrounds of these people.

Mr Tudreu says there is also not a lot of knowledge of how democracy should play out during an election and beyond the election.

"But in the last part of this preparation I would hope that a lot more information can go to our people to allow them to prepare well, knowing why they must go and make a good choice, why this is important for us. But also learn as well that it is not just the elections, they have got to engage with our leaders to require them to account for their citizenship."