8 Sep 2014

CNMI reps call for govt to deal with unpaid bills

6:42 am on 8 September 2014

Two Northern Marianas lawmakers have urged the government to deal with possibly millions of dollars worth of unpaid bills to the local utility operator.

A judge has ruled the state owned Commonwealth Utilities Corporation could sue the government in order to collect money due.

Representatives Larry Deleon Guerrero and Roman Benevente say although it's a challenge, it's not an impossible situation to resolve.

The representatives say the government could generate more funds to deal with the issue.

And Mr Benevente says an alternative way of providing for all utilities needs to be investigated.

"If you look at our CUC billings in comparison to other state levels like Arizona and other states international, at a national average, I think we are one of the highest."

The CNMI's Roman Benevente.

Mr Benevente says the school system is getting short-changed in government allocations while the local hospital has been too complacent in its own bill-collecting.