5 Sep 2014

PMs enter Fiji-Solomons Airline impasse

6:55 am on 5 September 2014

The Prime Ministers of Fiji and Solomon Islands have been called on to sort out the row over civil aviation rights that has seen flights between the two countries suspended for seven weeks.

The impasse began mid July when Solomon Islands civil aviation authorities denied a Fiji Airways application for an additional Saturday flight into Honiara, citing a clash with an existing Solomon Airlines flight.

Fiji retaliated by cancelling all existing Solomon Airlines flights into Nadi and Solomon Islands reciprocated over Fiji Airways flights into Honiara.

A Solomon Airlines official, Gus Kraus, says the situation is out of control and even attempts at a shared circuit through Vanuatu have been rejected by Fiji.

"By this time I think both airlines have been consulting with the regulators and the Foreign Affairs Ministry and the Aviation Ministry and its gone up to the Prime Ministers level. So I think both sides are waiting for the both Prime Ministers to get involved directly and then make the direction downwards."

A Solomon Airlines official, Gus Kraus.