3 Sep 2014

Australian Greens say Manus neglect 'unacceptable'

9:25 pm on 3 September 2014

The Australian Green Party says the case of an Iranian asylum seeker who is now brain dead after being evacuated from Australia's asylum seeker detention centre in Papua New Guinea could have been avoided.

Refugee advocates say 24-year-old Hamid Kehazaei has been declared brain dead in a Brisbane hospital after suffering a heart attack as a result of septicaemia caused by an infection that spread from a cut in his foot.

The Greens' immigration spokesperson, Sarah Hanson-Young, says there is something seriously wrong when a minor injury such as cut foot can lead to Mr Khazaei's situation.

Ms Hanson-Young says the Australian government has failed Mr Kehazaei in the most appalling way, and has called on the government of Prime Minister Tony Abbott to send a team of independent medical experts to Manus to investigate.