27 Aug 2014

New Tourism Fiji chief says there is room for growth

9:59 am on 27 August 2014

The new Chairman of Tourism Fiji says the industry needs to grow and it makes sense to aim for high end markets to attract bigger spenders.

Stefan Pichler, who is also the CEO of Fiji Airways, has been appointed for a three-year term.

He says the tourism sector is better able to provide a range of local jobs than an airline, and he hopes tourism ventures earmarked for more remote areas will soon take off.

Mr Pichler says Fiji can manage to grow tourism in a number of different markets, and each one is safe as long as a good product is developed and marketed well.

"Tourism has to diversify its source markets and tourism has to diversify its products and grow with diversified products and you have to basically tackle all segments of the market. But of course it's more interesting to grow in the high end of the market because then people have more spending money on the ground."

The new Chairman of Tourism Fiji, Stefan Pichler.