26 Aug 2014

Fiji looks for fish to market

7:31 pm on 26 August 2014

New fisheries are being opened up in Fiji as the domestic tuna industry is struggling and companies are looking to other species to market to keep businesses afloat.

The Head of Fiji Fisheries, Graham Southwick, says he has spent considerable time and money exploring fisheries that were known to exist in New Zealand, but not necessarily Fiji.

Mr Southwick says they are fishing for deep water snapper and red snapper, at depths of up to 500 metres.

Grahame Southwick

Grahame Southwick Photo: RNZI Philippa Tolley

He says he has worked with the Government to get special protections put in place.

"As an interim they've agreed to limit the number of licences in these new fisheries and to set up a whole set of criteria that does not allow any joint ventures, any foreign boats, any partnerships, anything into these new fisheries. The PM himself has agreed to try to protect these new fisheries, so hopefully that will see us through."

Graham Southwick says the marketing of the fish is critical.