26 Aug 2014

EU says it adds substantial experience to Fiji observer group

1:24 pm on 26 August 2014

The European Union's ambassador for the Pacific says its experts will bring substantial experience to the observer group that will be monitoring Fiji's upcoming elections.

Unlike in 2006, the EU has not been invited to field a full stand-alone European Election Observation Mission.

Instead, the Fiji authorities have allowed the EU to send three experts to join the multi-national observer group or MOG.

The EU ambassador, Andrew Jacobs, says its election specialists are expected to arrive in Fiji this week and start work immediately.

"Together they have worked on over 70 elections around the world in different countries and they have provided

technical assistance to elections authorities, they have done direct observation, and we think that their experience and their expertise will certainly bring a lot to the MOG exercise here in Fiji."

Andrew Jacobs says it is of great importance to the EU to be able to carry out an assessment of this year's electoral process.