25 Aug 2014

EU to join observer group for Fiji elections

1:47 pm on 25 August 2014

The European Union says it will be joining the multi-national observer group to monitor Fiji's upcoming elections.

Unlike in 2006, the EU did not receive an invitation to field a full stand-alone European Election Observation Mission for the elections.

The EU ambassador to Fiji, Andrew Jacobs, says subject to accreditation, three experts with substantial experience of elections, including in Fiji, will take part in the observer mission.

Mr Jacobs says they will make a positive contribution to the exercise and will ensure the EU is still part of the observation process.

He says it is of great importance to the EU to be able to carry out an assessment of this year's electoral process and a full return to democracy will enable the EU to re-establish comprehensive development co-operation with Fiji.