22 Aug 2014

Fighting stops, but tensions remain high in Solomons capital

7:37 pm on 22 August 2014

Tensions remain high in the Solomon Islands capital as a stand off between two groups of people from Temotu Province continues, despite efforts by police to mediate the situation.

Police say they have arrested five people after four houses were torched during a fight involving 200 people at Karaina settlement in West Honiara.

They say the fighting erupted after a community leader handed out financial assistance to the settlement, but it was not distributed evenly throughout the group.

Police say the situation is now calm, and are mediating between the two groups.

But our correspondent, George Atkin, says tensions remain high.

"Today humans are acting as road blocks to stop vehicles from going past White River, and those from the west end outskirts of Honiara entering the city. The police force have been unable to clear the roadblock as rocks have been thrown at them. If rock throwing continues the police may be forced to use teargas to disperse the crowd."

Our correspondent in Honiara, George Atkin.