22 Aug 2014

Call on Fiji government to enter caretaker mode

2:04 pm on 22 August 2014

Political parties in Fiji have called on the government to go into a caretaker government mode in the lead-up to the election on September 17th.

The National Federation Party and the People's Democratic Party say the government should stop using state resources and state media to campaign for its FijiFirst Party.

The NFP leader Biman Prasad says it's normal practice in a democratic environment for governments to go into a caretaker mode.

"Governments do not use any state resources to campaign for their political party, they don't change laws relating to the election process and also policies generally that would have an impact on how the next government is going to deal with things."

Biman Prasad says it puts other parties at a huge disadvantage and they've called on the Election Commission to look at the issue and ensure a free and fair environment for the election.