20 Aug 2014

Vanuatu accused of reneging on Tanna school fee promise

2:25 pm on 20 August 2014

The principal of a secondary school in Vanuatu says the government has reneged on a promise to pay student fees in an area declared a disaster zone last year.

Estellio Bae says about 80 students from Isangel College were turned away because the fees have not been paid.

The area on Tanna had been declared a disaster zone after volcanic activity damaged crops and vegetables.

Parents of affected children say the sale of crops was what they relied on in the past to pay their children's school fees.

Mr Bae says local families are worried.

"Till now we are waiting for the answer of the government and the parents, surely they are worried about that - especially the education of their students."

Estellio Bae says other schools in his area and also the Tafea province are going through the same problem.