20 Aug 2014

Solomons atoll desperate for supplies

1:39 pm on 20 August 2014

A former trade negotiator in Solomon Islands says the people of Sikaiana Atoll in the Malaita Province are desperate for food and medical supplies after five months without a shipping service.

Robert Sisilo says the situation is increasingly urgent and the population of 250 people are without a nurse or teachers.

He says food grown on the island has basically run out and people are pleading with authorities in Honiara to send a boat as quickly as possible.

"People are desperate and they are calling on the responsible government to at least charter a boat to go there with supplies and particularly medical. In fact our schools too because I think a couple of teachers came from the island on the last boat in April so basically the school also really requires the teachers to be back on island."

Robert Sisilo says the shipping contract, funded by the European Union and the Solomon Islands government, is up for tender after expiring in April and he hopes a new contract will be finalised soon.