19 Aug 2014

Solomons Government will attempt mine re-open

7:30 am on 19 August 2014

The Solomon Islands government says it's doing all it can to work with the Gold Ridge mine company to try and re-open the mine soon.

The mine has been closed since the beginning of April when flooding put it out of action and on Friday hundreds of local workers were made redundant.

There have been various public disagreements between the company and the government, especially over security at the mine site.

The special secretary to the Prime Minister, Philip Tagini, says the government is doing all it can, and has sent in police response teams to help with security.

"Having said that we think things are stable at the moment and give an opportunity for the stabilisation team, for the company to get back in and make assessments and perhaps continue with their de-watering work which will take a couple of months. But we are now talking to the company St Barbara, the parent company, and seeing what the best arrangement is at the top level going forward."

Philip Tagini says the government is also preparing for the possibility that the Australian owner, St Barbara, leaves the country and sells the mine.