19 Aug 2014

American Samoa delays Swains' voting decision

7:30 am on 19 August 2014

A House Joint resolution in American Samoa that would give the Swains delegate voting power in the House of Representatives has been referred back for further review.

American Samoa's capital Pago Pago.

American Samoa's capital Pago Pago. Photo: AFP

The resolution was introduced in the last Fono session by the Swains Delegate Su'a Alex Jennings.

At present he can only vote in committee.

Some of the representatives say if the Swains delegate is given full voting power in the House, he or she should also be elected by popular vote.

And they also say any Swains Islander and not just members of the Jennings family should be eligible for the seat.

At present the delegate is selected by consensus from decendants of Eli Jennings who arrived on the island in the 1850s.