18 Aug 2014

American Samoa chikunguya slowing

10:26 am on 18 August 2014

There are now more than 500 suspected chikungunya cases in American Samoa, but the Health Director Motusa Tuileama Nua says the spread of the chikingunya disease seems to be slowing.

Officials say three people are confirmed to have the dengue-like disease.

An entomologist in Pago Pago, Dr Mark Shmaedick, says the two mosquito types which have spread chikunguya cannot be found in streams.

He says they are found in water around homes.

"Most of these containers, from the research we have done in the villages here, are man-made containers. So these are things like bucket, drums, tyres, styrofoam plates - these are the special habitats of these two species of mosquitoes."

Dr Mark Shmaedick, an entomologist in Pago Pago.