14 Aug 2014

Refugees on Nauru feel like animals in zoo

4:31 pm on 14 August 2014

Refugees with temporary visas to settle in Nauru say they are losing faith in both the local government and Australia's to help them build a meaningful life on the island.

About 50 refugees, mainly from Pakistan and Afghanistan, live in an area called the Fly Camp, near the area decimated by phosphate mining.

Johnny Blades has more:

"A recent statement from the Fly Camp refugees says conditions there are worse than at the asylum seeker processing centre on Nauru. After three months, they say they haven't been given the assistance promised by Australia's Department of Immigration for access to clean water, food and communications. They have been receiving clear signals from the local community that they are too different to have jobs or to mix with Nauruans. Isolated from the community, the refugees say occasionally people from Australia or locals come to observe them like animals in a zoo. Describing their situation as mental torture, the refugees feel like they have no future and no hope, and may stage a protest in a bid to get some answers from authorities about their long list of uncertainties."