7 Aug 2014

PNG government seeks to avert teacher strike

12:48 pm on 7 August 2014

The Papua New Guinea Teachers Association says the government has promised to address salary issues within two weeks in a bid to prevent up to 45,000 teachers going on strike.

The Association met the Education Minister Nick Kuman yesterday, who gave his department two weeks to address the teachers' concerns.

The association's general secretary, Ugwalubi Mowana, says 25,000 teachers are not being paid their correct salaries despite a pay rise promised to the Teaching Services Commission at the beginning of the year.

He says teachers are also not being provided with pay slips so don't know how much they should be getting paid.

Mr Mowana says he welcomes the Education Ministry's plan to fix the situation.

"The minister has given his department two weeks to do a report and make sure that all the teachers are paid properly and all the entitlements for teachers must be paid. So that's a good, positive indication from the government."

Ugwalubi Mowana says the strike threat still remains if the government does not follow through.