6 Aug 2014

Claim parties opposing Fiji regime are disadvantaged by its decrees

7:20 am on 6 August 2014

A withdrawn candidate nominee for Fiji's National Federation Party says parties opposing the regime are consistently disadvantaged by its decrees.

Makareta Waqavonovono is unable to stand in September's election after an amendment to the electoral decree ruled that candidates must live in Fiji for 18 months before nomination.

The former magistrate earlier filed a High Court application seeking clarification on her eligibility under the decree.

But before a ruling was delivered, the Fiji regime gazetted the amendment which Ms Waqavonovono says breaches her right as a citizen to stand as a candidate.

"I have yet to find a country where citizens who have been declared eligible to vote are disqualified from standing as a candidate. Candidates are being eliminated, decress being made, four or five weeks before the election. And I'm not the only one affected. There are others who will be affected in the opposing parties."

Makareta Waqavonovono.