5 Aug 2014

Anger in PNG Highlands at aid delay

7:34 am on 5 August 2014

A village leader in the flood-hit Southern Highlands Province of Papua New Guinea says relief is taking too long to reach his village.

The newspaper, The National, reports that Mathew Karu says his village of Wire is not happy with the delay, almost two weeks after floods hit the area.

A local councillor, Tanguwe Yamu, told the newspaper Wire has not received any assistance and needs shelter for the homeless and food supplies.

Mr Yamu said the village, which sits on the edge of a mountain, had been affected by landslides and villagers want assistance to relocate to a nearby valley.

Meanwhile, wokers involved in disaster relief efforts have been urged not to collect fees from people.

The chairman of district and local level government affairs says relief assistance should be provided on humanitarian grounds and not to benefit the workers.