2 Aug 2014

Fiji NFP will still nominate candidate despite court dismissal

6:33 pm on 2 August 2014

Fiji's National Federation Party says it will go ahead and nominate Makereta Waqavonovono as an election candidate, despite a court's decision to dismiss her application.

Ms Waqavonovono had sought the high court's interpretation of a section of the country's Electoral Decree that says "ordinarily resident."

But Fijilive reports that the court yesterday said that it had no jurisdiction to hear her application and ordered her to pay court costs of US$1600.

However, Ms Waqavonovono says she intends to appeal the order.

She has also questioned the government's passing of an amendment to the decree on Thursday, in which the section in question was amended to clarify the term "ordinarily resident".

The amendent defines the section as "any person who has been out of Fiji for official Government business or duties, or has been holding an official Government position in any other country."