2 Aug 2014

Former SPC head congratulates Dame Meg Taylor on milestone role

9:52 am on 2 August 2014

A former director general of the Secretariat of the Pacific Community, Jimmie Rodgers, says the appointment of Dame Meg Taylor to the role of Secretary-General of the Pacific Islands Forum is a milestone for women.

Dame Taylor is the first woman to be appointed to the role.

Dr Jimmie Rodgers, from Solomon Islands, who had been a candidate in the running for the role, met with Meg Taylor yesterday to congratulate her.

He says it's the first time a regional organisation of this stature in the Pacific has a woman as the head, and it begins a new era for the Pacific Islands forum.

"It also demonstrates that the long held view that women are not able to contest for higher positions, now shows are acknowledges the fact that they can make useful contributions, both in terms of managing leadership and I think Dame Taylor has the opportunity in the next three years to do that in the Pacific Islands forum."

Dr Rodgers says the role of secretary general of a regional organisation is very challenging, and he's ready to assist her when she needs.