31 Jul 2014

Solomons evacuees told expectations unrealistic

1:40 pm on 31 July 2014

The Solomon Islands National Disaster Council says the responsibility of rebuilding homes damaged in floods four months ago is up to the evacuees.

The state of disaster was lifted in Honiara and the Guadalcanal province this week with about 800 people still to be repatriated from evacuation centres.

Some flood victims have criticised the process, saying there is not enough support to rebuild their lives.

But the chair of the council, Melchior Mataki, says the government is providing support packages including building materials and people's expectations are unrealistic.

"We have to meet somewhere in the middle of it all. The government can not really provide all the necessary requirements that one would have had prior to the disaster."

Melchior Mataki says the recovery process has repatriated 90 per cent of the evacuees so far and a draft recovery plan for the long-term rebuild will be completed in August.