31 Jul 2014

Fiji's Sodelpa Party beefs up voting campaign

6:45 am on 31 July 2014

Fiji's Sodelpa Party is beefing up its campaign by recruiting young volunteers to go house to house and gain voters.

Sodelpa organisers say they need to step up efforts one month before the polls as they are finding difficulty in getting their message across in the mainstream media.

The party's General Secretary Pio Tabaiwalu also says they're sick of being branded as old politicians.

He says the party is fielding five under 35 year olds as candidates and party membership has a youth quota.

"What is happening is, you know when we have political meetings, it's the older generation that come. I think traditionally in Fiji, it's like that. So what we are trying to do is motivate the youth to invite their peers, after that, from that we are holding a youth rally which they are planning for."

Pio Tabaiwalu of Sodelpa.