30 Jul 2014

Vanuatu's PM reflects on country's independence

7:32 am on 30 July 2014

The Vanuatu Prime Minister says the country's Independence Day today is a good time to reflect on how far the nation has come and what needs to be done to make it stronger in the future.

Vanuatu Prime Minister Joe Natuman

Vanuatu Prime Minister Joe Natuman Photo: Supplied

People in Vanuatu are celebrating to commemorate 34 years of freedom from British and French rule in 1980, with events underway all over the country.

Joe Natuman says the country has come a long way since colonial rule, now having its own currency, airline, a unified parliament and one school, health and police system.

But he says there is still more work to be done.

"There is no quick way to build prosperity, you have to build your economy, develop your land, you have develop your fisheries. In last government there was a lot of selling passports and selling citizenship, I will be reviewing those."

He says during the flag-raising ceremony at Independence Park today he will give a speech reminding people about the struggle of Vanuatu's forefathers.