28 Jul 2014

Fiji police probe welcomed

8:31 pm on 28 July 2014

A former union chief and political party leader in Fiji Felix Anthony has welcomed police assurances a case of alleged assault against him by members of the Bainimarama government will be followed up.

Mr Anthony says he made a complaint to the police in 2012, with evidence, about alleged abuse the previous year.

He says the new police chief, Ben Groenewald, who is reported to have questioned the lack of medical reports appears to have been badly advised on the case so far.

"The excuse we got from the Lautoka hospital was that they could not read what the doctor had written and therefore they could not give a report but I think if the commissioner goes and checks my file carefully he should find my statement, he should find my medical report from the CWM Hospital. And I think I have also identified people who are responsible so I don't think he should have any difficulty whatsoever in acting."

The leader of Fiji's People's Democratic Party, Felix Anthony.