28 Jul 2014

Help needed for American Samoa crash victims

2:44 pm on 28 July 2014

The family of the plane crash victims in American Samoa is appealing for more help in the search for the sole missing victim of the crash.

The body 17-year old Haris Suleman was found hours after the incident last Tuesday while his father, 58-year Babar, is still missing.

The Suleman family and their friends says more resources should be dedicated to searching for Babar, who they believe maybe still alive.

However, The United States Coast Guard has suspended the search using its C-130 aircraft, dispatched from Hawai'i, saying it believes Mr Suleman has not survived.

Rear Admiral Cari Thomas says the search spanned almost six and a half thousand kilometres of ocean.

The American Samoa Department of Homeland Security director, Iuniasolua Savusa, says local search and rescue efforts will continue.

A memorial service at sea is set for this afternoon for Haris Suleman.