28 Jul 2014

Fiji's PDP announces more candidates

8:31 pm on 28 July 2014

Former civil servants, farmers and community workers make up the latest batch of candidates of Fiji's People's Democratic Party.\

The party announced nine more representatives today taking to 22 the number announced so far.

The PDP plans to field a full contingent for the 50 parliamentary seats on offer in Fiji's September election under its new-look electoral system which has done away with local constituencies and communal voting.

Felix Anthony

Felix Anthony Photo: RNZ

But its leader Felix Anthony says the PDP's candidates will fight the election as if they were to be local MPs.

"Well, we believe the electoral process must make members of parliament accountable to the electorate. This system does not actually do that. The electorate, the people actually must know who their member of parliament is."

Felix Anthony says his party would simplify the electoral system if it came to power.