28 Jul 2014

Forum leaders asked not to smoke

1:42 pm on 28 July 2014

Health authorities on Palau have asked Pacific Island Forum leaders to lead the way and not to smoke during this week's summit.

The programme manager of non communicable diseases in Palau, Edolem Ikerdeu, says several health initiatives are being promoted, including a request not to smoke, and a morning walk for the leaders on Wedneday in the main street of the capital, Koror.

Ms Ikerdeu says the walk will be led by Palau's president, Tommy Remengesau.

no smoking sign


She says the organising committee of the summit is ensuring leaders will only be eating healthy food during their stay in Palau.

"For the entirety of the meetings we recommended that we have this physical activity with the President to promote, of course, active living. We also recommended healthy eating so we put out dietary guidelines for Palau to all the vendors responsible for preparing the food for all the meetings."

The programme manager for NCDs in Palau, Edolem Ikerdeu.